Founded in 2007, JPT Innovations provides businesses and organizations with professional, affordable and quality web hosting to users from all around the world based on their requirements. Here at JPT Innovations, we help clients build their online presence with the use of design and technology - including dynamic web sites, e-commerce, and communal networking. We offer everything larger companies do & even more, for only a fraction of the cost. We also provide shared hosting solutions for both individuals and businesses. All of our customers enjoy our 24/7 Support and 99.9% Up time Guarantee. With our headquarters located in Thunder Bay, Ontario and our servers located in Montreal, Quebec we are proud to be 100% Canadian owned and operated. We hope you enjoyed your visit and decide to give us a try!

Our Support

Our technical support team strives to help our clients solve almost any major technical issue in a timely manner. Our employees are knowledgeable and passionate about computers and will be able to assist you with a professional and friendly tone should you require any assistance.

Our Servers

Our servers are housed in a reliable and secure data center in Quebec, which is protected 24/7 and currently run Linux (Redhat & CentOS) with cPanel/WHM and Fantastico installed. All server data is backed up on a daily basis.